Cardinal Bridge, LLC is an entrepreneurial private equity firm seeking part-time associates. It operates in a boutique PE model known as a search fund, and its sole purpose is to identify, purchase, and then manage one existing business. You will work directly with the founder of Cardinal Bridge in our Columbus Circle office. For more information about the company, please visit:

Job Description: Responsibilities and tasks will vary, but will focus on proprietary deal sourcing, managing a multi-stage high volume deal funnel. You will be responsible for:

  • Market research and industry ideation/evaluation
  • Company identification: assembling target company lists and evaluating companies to determine fitness as an acquisition target
  • Company outreach
  • Deal evaluation

Qualifications: Current or recent graduates with a strong interest in business. Necessary to have a detail-oriented candidate with exceptional communication skills, looking for practical buy-side experience with a start-up environment. Must be driven, have strong work ethic, and be self-motivated - with an entrepreneurial, energetic, optimistic attitude. The work will be rewarding but also challenging and sometimes repetitive.

Time commitment: minimum 12 hours/week, flexible start dates. You will be expected to work from the Columbus Circle office in Manhattan 2-3 days per week. This will be a comprehensive experience that gives associates insight into a variety of industries and companies. It's a great fit for someone interested in starting a career in sales, investment banking, private equity, or venture capital. If needed during or at the conclusion of the position, a letter of recommendation will be provided - as well as course credit for undergraduate and graduate students.

This is an unpaid position. Please submit a resume as well as a short paragraph explaining your interest and qualifications for this role, as well as your learning goals for the position and long-term career goals.